Tangent's Ascent


Ebikes. American style. 

Built to withstand the hardest rides. Modular components. User serviceable. Versatile. Interchangeable.

Our custom designed reduction gearbox combines big power and efficiency in a lightweight package, allowing you to create the ultimate trail ripper, exploration machine, snow bike or super commuter. These are the components we race with, you can be assured of their durability and performance. Designed and built in the USA for the discerning rider, Tangent combines the best components, highest efficiency and biggest power in the smallest, lightest and most versatile electric drive system available. 

8 inches of high-pivot suspension, 6kW, 200ft-lbs wheel torque @ 20mph, 65ft-lbs @ 45mph, 8spd internal transmission, 50lbs. What's your dream bike?

Use the frame you've been imagining with the components you want- a removable system means you don't have to buy a single purpose ebike; Pinkbike's for sale section has never been more tempting. The mid-drive setup powers our freewheel crankset using the inner chainring position, the handling characteristics of your ride are mostly unaffected. Mounted below the downtube or against the seat post, the only contact with your expensive frame is at the BB shell faces, the rubber cushion and strap. Tangent has you covered with pedal assist and throttle setups, customizable gearing options, multiple mounting plate designs and various power levels. Your dream bike awaits. 

6 inches of all-mountain suspension, 3kW, 160ft-lbs @ crankset, under 40lbs. Explore farther.


Tangent's drive unit easily outruns mountain bike trails. Ride responsibly, in places that expect 20+mph speeds. Compliance with local laws is the rider's responsibility.

`The motor is enclosed within the housing for protection and cooling. The speed control is held cleanly and out of the way by the left mount plate.

Every piece of the Ascent is custom designed and made in-house, by American craftsmen. Designed by riders, for riders, no compromises.

Sold ready-to-run, add the batteries of your choice and ride. Our reduction ratio means a full 12kRPM rev range is available, creating a powerband useful in any situation. Low end torque for pulling you up and over until you see that straight, then top end scream too fast for a single throw shifter to keep up with.

Versatility meets simplicity and massive torque.

Carved from a single aluminum billet and stuffed with a hardened Chromoly gears, Tangent builds for riders. Interchangeable mounting hardware allows fitment above or below the down tube without any modifications while making the most of the 360 degree cooling. A choice of mounting plates means a perfect fit for any frame.

Sold Ready-To-Run and pre-configured for performance, just add the batteries of your choice and rip. The Cycle Analyst allows for easy tuning of the unit to your preferences- max power, top speed, throttle response and more. 

400lb load capacity paired with 160ft-lbs @ crankset and a 14spd internally geared hub provide 40+ mile range at 30mph and the ability to haul that load up any grade hill. How much work can you get done now?