Fat frames offer more than just squishy tires. The wide BB and chainstays create a stable platform for backcountry shredding. Tangent's fatbike kit is available as a throttle based kit in 100mm BB width at 3kW or 6kW power levels. In order to accommodate the intrusive chainstays on many frames, we've adapted the standard freewheel crankset to accept a 24 tooth sprocket on the inner chainring position (4x104mm BCD is used for the bike driveline).

100mm variant of Tangent's 3kW Ascent. Simply remove the 27mm spacer and now your drive fits your 73mm frame for summer riding. 

Contact with your expensive frame is minimized and forces are applied through the BB, where they're designed to be. Wrap-around mounts eliminate twist and flex, even at 6kW. The Truvativ GigaPipe BB use dual bearings per side and ISIS crank interface for durability. Our standard 170mm cranks are easily swapped for threaded trials cranks of your preferred length. 

24t chainring used on the inner position to clear those fat chainstays, 4x104mm BCD standard mountain rings are used for the derailleur.