Unlock the trail. Tangent combines moto power with MTB finesse and the result is an undeniably wild trail machine. Generous power and minimal weight allows the rider to exploit the advantages of today's advanced MTB technology and conquer the trail with a unique mix of moto and MTB skills. This is the new dual-sport. 


Why mess with a good thing? Tangent brings moto power to your world-cup bike, with hardly any penalty. 

8 inches of high-pivot suspension, 6kW, 50lbs.  What's your dream bike?

Choose your handling characteristics from today's spectrum of MTB styles. Poppy all-mountain rigs turn every trail into your new favorite with Tangent's ability to exploit obstacles and terrain. Smash trail at moto speeds using the capability of today's DH suspension and Tangent's more than adequate acceleration. Your ride is also a fully legal pedelec with the push of a button; take your gravity rig on cross-country adventures or pound out those climbs to get more down. 

Tangent makes no compromises in our pursuit of performance. Our patented reduction gearbox is the centerpiece of the system and allows for unmatched versatility, power density and convenience. The mighty Astro Flight 3220 is integrated into our custom housing/gearbox, with the stator bonded directly to our heat sink. A tough and tiny Castle Creations TalonHV controls the engine and peaks up to 240 amps of phase torque to launch you down the trail or lift the front on command. A Cycle Analyst is used to tame the system and provide a throttle response that's smooth as butter and usable in any situation. Once you experience the power and control of electric on the trails, there's no going back to combustion.

A removable system means you don't have to buy a single purpose ebike; our hardware can be removed in only a few minutes. The mid-drive setup powers our freewheel crankset using the outer chainring position, the derailleur chainline and handling characteristics of your ride are mostly unaffected. Mounted below the downtube or against the seat post, the only contact with your expensive frame is at the BB shell faces, the rubber cushion and strap. 

Your Tangent powered ride is most definitely considered a motorized vehicle and should only be unleashed on motorized trail systems. A standard 36-12t rear cassette will provide over 120ft-lbs of wheel torque and 25mph in low gear and easily exceeds 50mph by the middle range of the cassette. 

Wanna hit the MTB trails with your buddies? No problem, leave the battery backpack in the truck- the motor uses a freewheeling output so there is zero penalty to pedaling the bike as normal. 



Tangent's unique reduction system allow huge torque from small diameter motors, enabling ideal weight location on the Knolly Warden. This bike rides near indistinguishably from its analog counterpart. 

Clean, simple, robust power. 

Our purpose designed eccentric reducer converts 12kRPM of American wound copper into low end torque that pulls you up and over and a top end that'll hold the wheel off the ground all the way into the next turn. Tangent unleashes the best handling bikes ever built with 8hp into your crankset.

Carved from a single aluminum billet and stuffed with a hardened Chromoly gears, Tangent builds for riders. Interchangeable mounting hardware allows fitment above or below the down tube without any modifications while making the most of the 360 degree cooling. A perfect fit for any frame is possible with custom mounting plates. 

Every piece of the Ascent is custom designed and made in-house, by American craftsmen. Designed by riders, for riders, no compromises.

6 inches of reactive all-mountain suspension, 6kW, 36lbs. Every trail is new again.