Demo bike!

With little fuss, the trusted Kona retired to the corner yesterday, its drive transplanted oh so easily into a beautiful raw Intense Tracer 275 from the great crew at GHYbikes in Renton. The Shimano drivetrain performed flawlessly during today's messy test ride at Hansen Ridge ( despite our test rider's innate ability to hit every 6" boulder in the trail while under motor power.

16Ah of Turnigy Multistar provided 20 total miles with maybe 4000' vertical climb, after blowing past the turn on the fire road led me half way down the mountain before turning around. The VPP suspension of the Tracer responds very favorably to the torque of the Tangent drive and the bike leaps forward the instant the freewheels catch. Uphill boulder fields were easily dispatched in the 3-4th cog (34t front) with no pedal assist and enough torque in reserve to pick a line and attack it. The Tracer and its driveline were solid enough to lift the front over groups of big square edge rocks and pound the back through under power without a second thought.

Unhindered ground clearance 

The VPP suspension pushes the bike forward beautifully under power.