New design breaking ground!

A winter of hard work brings an update to the Tangent drive unit. New tooth profile, larger bearings, lighter gears and stiffer output cage, higher kV motors. What you'll notice is less sound and half the motor heat generated for the same power output. 

Old vs new

Our new eccentric gears are only 40% the weight of the old design and utilize bearings that are twice the strength. All Tangent gearboxes will utilize the same 40:1 ratio and all motor sizes will be wound for 225kV. Lowering the turn count of the motor allows for larger wire and lower electrical resistance (hence, less heat). We're compensating for the increase in motor RPM with a bump in the overall reduction ratio. Starting with a 40:1 gearbox, ratios at the crankset between 44:1 and 95:1 are easily achieved through commonly available freewheels and chainrings.