What's the recommended battery and how does it work?

We highly recommend our friends at Hi-C Battery in Colorado (www.hicbattery.com) to power a system as demanding as the Tangent. A 14s/52V nominal pack that supports 150A peak is required to make the most of the system, so Hi-C provides us with packs capable of 150A continuous power. Made with the best cells available, these packs provide outstanding range and power in the size of a thick notebook. 

23Ah capacity, Samsung 30q cells

23Ah capacity, Sony VTC6 cells

A backpack battery is recommended to keep the bike as light as possible. Two power cables are provided with the Tangent kit to connect the backpack to the bike. The connection easily pulls apart should you ever be separated from the bike while riding. For those looking for the ultimate pack to carry and protect the battery, we personally use the Bobblebee 20L from Point65.com. No other pack we've tried holds the weight as well nor provides the same level of crash protection. 


Cycle Analyst settings?

Don't forget to do your homework: Cycle Analyst V3 User Guide


  • batt->chemistryRC LIPO

  • batt-string# 12 or 14 (12 for LiPo, 14 for any 52V LunaCycle pack)

  • batt-->capacity XXXX (only affects the battery charge meter)

  • Batt-vlt cutoff (3 x batt-string#)

  • Batt->LoVGain 800


  • ThrI->Cntrl Mode Current (A)

  • Min Input-> 0.02V (for Domino throttle)

  • Max Input-> 4.94V (for Domino throttle)

  • Fault Volt-> 4.99V (for Domino throttle)

  • Min Input-> 0.90V (for hall thumb throttle)

  • Max Input-> 4.24V (for hall thumb throttle)

  • Fault Volt-> 4.35V (for hall thumb throttle)


  • Thr0->Outpt Mode R/C Pulse

  • Thr0->Min Out 0.99msec

  • Tr0->Max Out 2.00msec

  • Th0->Up Rate 4mS/sec (sharpness of throttle up response)

  • PAS Up Rate-> 0.5msec/sec (CA firmware rev 3.1beta required)

  • Th0->Down Rate 14mS/sec (want high to stop motor quickly)

  • Th0->Fast Rate 0.05mS/sec (speed of spinup prior to freewheel engagement)

  • Th0->Fast Thrs 2amps (indication of freewheel catching to allow full power)


  • Max Curent-> 60A (3kW)

  • Max Current-> 140A (8kW)

  • Again-> 45 ( very soft throttle response)

  • Again-> 75 (immediate throttle response)

  • Again-> 110 (aggressive throttle response)

  • Max Power -> 9900W (we use current limits, not wattage limits)

5)SETUP PAS SENSOR (not used if throttle only)

  • Pas Poles-> 8 (THUN)

  • Sensor Type-> 2-wire

  • Strt Thrsh-> 24 (should be set to a multiple of 8)

  • Stop Thrsh-> 45 (~2x start threshold, higher will cut power quicker, too high may erroneously cut power)

6)SETUP TRQ SENSOR (not used if throttle only)

  • Sensor Type -> THUN

  • Asst Factr-> 3 (factory setting, user adjustable)

  • Asst Start-> 25W (pedal effort needed before motor energized)

  • Asst Avg-> 16 (multiple of 8, higher provides smoother but slower response)


  • Sensor-> Linear Type

  • 0deg-> 0.45V

  • T Scale-> 262.1V/degC

  • Thrsh Temp-> 150 degC

  • Max Temp-> 160 deg C

8)SETUP AUX POT (not used if throttle only)

  • Function-> Limits

  • Scale Lim-> PAS level


Wiring diagrams?

Yep, right here.